A Brief Update

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and there’s good reason for that.  I’ve been working on getting back into Palestine. Today I went to the border to try to enter again,… Continue reading

Why I use the term ‘Apartheid’

This week is Israeli Apartheid Week, a week to raise awareness of Israeli policies. Using the term Apartheid to describe Israel’s policies has been controversial. This is because Apartheid is an accusatory term… Continue reading

A Long Overdue Post

This is a long overdue post. My last post asked you to work with me, then I waited a month to give you any ways of doing so, but the wait is over.… Continue reading

Worst Trip Ever?

I’m proud of @jonbrenn_cpt … Thank God Israel chose a CPT member with resources and determination to deny entry to #prayers Tweet by Eric Wolf Three weeks ago I left my house traveling… Continue reading

Meanwhile in Palestine

My last few posts have been about my situation of being stuck in Jordan. (Plus I’ve done a few interviews about my situation, you can read any of those here, here, here, or… Continue reading

‘Entery Denied’: Part II

in the title the word entry is intentionally misspelled to reflect the misspelling on the Israeli “Entery Denied” stamp.  I made my second attempt to cross the border yesterday. Spoiler alert, I didn’t… Continue reading

Entery Denied

Note: The title is intentionally misspelled to reflect the spelling error on Israel’s ‘Entery Denied’ stamp. See picture below for proof.  I’ve crossed into Israel 3 times over the past year. I have… Continue reading

Upside Down Kingdom*

So I promised to share some creative writing during my furloughs in the States. I return to Palestine in 2 weeks, but here is a poem I wrote during a festival we participated… Continue reading

A Good Walk

Fridays have sucked for CPT recently. While the soldiers have been relatively benign toward the Palestinians on Fridays (which we are thrilled about), they have not been so lax with us (which we… Continue reading

Ramadan Kareem (A Generous Ramadan)

On July 10 the Islamic holy month of Ramadan started. It ends August 8. With Hebron being a ‘holy city’ in Islam the month is extremely significant. My Muslim associate described Ramadan as, “The… Continue reading