Upside Down Kingdom*

So I promised to share some creative writing during my furloughs in the States. I return to Palestine in 2 weeks, but here is a poem I wrote during a festival we participated in.

Upside Down Kingdom*

The Festival writhed with excitement
While soldiers stoop watching powerless

The children took the spotlight
While elders sat on the side

Boys expressed themselves through dance
While girls expressed their voice

The men served coffee
While the women spoke to the crowd

Palestinians sat in the place of honor
While internationals were honored to be invited

The Jew and the Muslim shared a plate
While they did not realize…

They were practicing Heaven
In the hell created around them

*This is not really a poem, in that it is not metaphorical, or flowery, everything described actually happened the way described. All this happened at the South Hebron Hills Non-Violence Festival (capping off a week long children’s non-violence camp) It was just so beautiful, that the telling ended up being poetic.