My college dorm had a tradition of watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy during finals week. The last time we watched them I couldn’t help but feel a bit like Frodo as he prepares to leave the Shire. I too was in a comfortable place, surrounded by great friends and having a wonderful time. I too was becoming restless and ready for something more. I too was about to leave my comfortable home, and enter an unknown world filled with tribulations I have never known.

My friend, and long time CPTer, Cliff Kindy was asked why, when a CPTer, with no power or authority, stands up to soldiers (or other authority figures), do they listen? His answer was that a CPTer does not stand alone. What give us authority, is that when we stand we have our home communities backing us up. The soldiers know that anything we see, hundreds of our friends will see, and our friends will take action.

This is the purpose of my blog. Not to merely tell you about a travel experience, or share cool stories, but it is an attempt to create a fellowship. I hope it becomes a blog in which the reader does not passively spectate, but which demands the readers participation. This is an essential part of the work I will be doing, as it was essential for Frodo in Lord of the Rings. Although the fate of the world does not lie in my hands, and I doubt the Fellowship will include any elves, dwarfs, or hobbits; I hope it will include you, and I hope that together we can do our part for peace, justice, and the Kingdom of God.