Hani Abu Haikel and his family live in a home on top of Tel Rumeida, the hill which the ancient, biblical city of Hebron once sat upon. He owns some land surrounding his… Continue reading

A New Hope

This week has been hard. A friend had settlers come onto his property and destroy his gardens (twice); I witnessed a five year being held by soldiers; also an 8 year old was… Continue reading

Legitimate Paranoia

There is no word for legitimate paranoia. The true feeling that someone is after you. The realization that the conspiracy is real. I think I’m experiencing that feeling this week. Last Tuesday a… Continue reading

Don’t ask Why

We often joke with each other that if we want to stay sane in Hebron we shouldn’t ask why too much. This is especially true when asking questions about the Israeli military policy.… Continue reading


The Israeli soldiers in Hebron have been making a concerted effort to convince CPT that we do not belong in Hebron. Starting a few weeks ago the soldiers did not allow CPTers through… Continue reading


I was asked to do a short sermon as part of a series about ‘Answering God’s Call’. It has a different focus from most of my posts, but I wanted to share it… Continue reading

In Other News

I have been studying Arabic in Jordan for the last few weeks, but looking back over my blog I realize that I hadn’t posted some pretty cool stories from Palestine. So here is… Continue reading

2 Celebrations

Last week I witnessed two very different celebrations. 1st Celebration The first celebration took place in At-Tuwani. This is the village I wrote about in ‘Shelter From the Storm‘. The celebration was not… Continue reading


There is not much that shocks me when it comes to the depravity of the Israeli occupation, but an incident which took place a few days ago did just that. Another CPTer and… Continue reading

Shelter from the Storm

The village of At-Tuwani (a small village between Hebron and the Firing Zone where CPT has been very active) wanted to construct a shelter for schoolchildren to wait in after school. In any… Continue reading