2 ‘Non-Violent’ Demonstrations

In the past two weeks there were two major non-violent demonstrations in Hebron. Both started at the same place, and followed the same path. Both took place on Friday at noon (one week… Continue reading

Wild Weekend: Saturday & Sunday (& Monday)

Saturday night marked the start of Purim. It is the Jewish holiday celebrating Ester saving the Jews from genocide in Babylon. The festival is considered the ‘Jewish Mardi Gras‘. This is due to… Continue reading

Wild Weekend: Friday

This weekend is going to be the most stressful of the year. It kicked off today with the ‘Open Shuhad Street’ demonstration. Shuhada Street is one of the main streets in Hebron. I… Continue reading

A Day in the Life

I often get the question, “What’s an ordinary day like for you?” I’m not sure if there is an ordinary day for CPT in Hebron, but here’s a story of an extra-ordinary day.… Continue reading

Travels through Israel with Stefan

I met Stefan (a 30 year old Slovak) 5 years ago when we both worked in Northern Ireland. He moved to Norway, where I visited him and we road tripped across that country.… Continue reading

A Father’s Story

This poem was inspired by one of my first visits to the South Hebron hills (Firing Zone). Our host took us around to different places in the village and told us stories about… Continue reading

I am an Olive Tree

You didn’t think just because I was home my blogs would stop did you? Since I don’t have’ updates’ while I’m in the States, I thought I would use this time to share… Continue reading

There and Back again: Reflections on my first stint with CPT

My last night ‘on team’ was spent in the village of Jinba, a village in Firing Zone 918, which I have visited many times. I stayed with the family I have stayed with many… Continue reading

Breaking Glass

I remember an old Mythbusters episode about a guy who would jokingly run full speed into double pained glass, knowing it would not break. One day the glass unexpectedly shattered. The conclusion was… Continue reading

Gaza: A Reflection

It has been a few days since the ceasefire agreement between Gaza and Israel. I realize that I never gave an update on how things went in Hebron. Now that I have had… Continue reading