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Worst Trip Ever?

I’m proud of @jonbrenn_cpt … Thank God Israel chose a CPT member with resources and determination to deny entry to #prayers Tweet by Eric Wolf Three weeks ago I left my house traveling… Continue reading

A Good Walk

Fridays have sucked for CPT recently. While the soldiers have been relatively benign toward the Palestinians on Fridays (which we are thrilled about), they have not been so lax with us (which we… Continue reading

Legitimate Paranoia

There is no word for legitimate paranoia. The true feeling that someone is after you. The realization that the conspiracy is real. I think I’m experiencing that feeling this week. Last Tuesday a… Continue reading

In Other News

I have been studying Arabic in Jordan for the last few weeks, but looking back over my blog I realize that I hadn’t posted some pretty cool stories from Palestine. So here is… Continue reading

2 Celebrations

Last week I witnessed two very different celebrations. 1st Celebration The first celebration took place in At-Tuwani. This is the village I wrote about in ‘Shelter From the Storm‘. The celebration was not… Continue reading


There is not much that shocks me when it comes to the depravity of the Israeli occupation, but an incident which took place a few days ago did just that. Another CPTer and… Continue reading

Shelter from the Storm

The village of At-Tuwani (a small village between Hebron and the Firing Zone where CPT has been very active) wanted to construct a shelter for schoolchildren to wait in after school. In any… Continue reading

2 ‘Non-Violent’ Demonstrations

In the past two weeks there were two major non-violent demonstrations in Hebron. Both started at the same place, and followed the same path. Both took place on Friday at noon (one week… Continue reading

Wild Weekend: Saturday & Sunday (& Monday)

Saturday night marked the start of Purim. It is the Jewish holiday celebrating Ester saving the Jews from genocide in Babylon. The festival is considered the ‘Jewish Mardi Gras‘. This is due to… Continue reading

Wild Weekend: Friday

This weekend is going to be the most stressful of the year. It kicked off today with the ‘Open Shuhad Street’ demonstration. Shuhada Street is one of the main streets in Hebron. I… Continue reading